Welcome to ITST 2007 !


In the name of the whole organization team and of the various committees, we would like to wish you a warm welcome to the 7th edition of the ITS and Telecommunication conference.

This year, ITST is back in France, in Sophia Antipolis, in the sunny South-East Mediterranean area.
Organizing this conference in Sophia Antipolis was natural and this for various reasons.

The area offers a concentration of transportation facilities:
The South-East of France shares a large border with the North-West of Italy, and transportation from one country to another is possible through highways, railway, maritime links, and national and local roads (even through the Alps Mountains).

In the South-East of France, a large variety of transportation facilities are also available : local (mountain) roads, national roads, highways, public transports (buses, tramway, ...), maritime lines, Fast-Speed Train, and Nice airport, the second most important airport in France.

Of course, all these transportation means have to be monitored, managed and their use optimized and rationalized.

The area offers a concentration of Telecommunications companies and research centers:
Of course, Sophia Antipolis is well known for hosting the headquarters of ETSI, the European Telecommunication Standard Institute, at the origin of the GSM and UMTS standards.

But Sophia Antipolis also hosts a large number of private companies strongly involved in the telecommunication industry (France Telecom, Texas Instruments, IBM, HP, Hitachi, STMicroElectronics, ...) as well as major academic institutions such as the Eurecom Institute, which are also strongly involved in research activities in the field of telecommunications.

At last, the "Competitiveness Clusters" policy newly established in France to (among many other goals) bridge private and public research is also very present in the area with three major clusters:
- the SCS (Secured Communications Solutions) cluster recognized as the cluster with a worldwide impact,

- the RISK cluster, which targets the management of industrial risks, including those induced by transportation of goods and persons,

- the MARITIME cluster, jointly established in Toulon (in the South-East of France) and Brest (in the North-West of France where ITST-2005 was organized).

So, as you may see, the Sophia Antipolis area concentrates a critical mass of needs (through the actual transportation system), of skills (through the companies and academics present on the site) and of research means (through the competitiveness clusters).

For all these reasons, we strongly believe that this 2007 edition of the conference will allow to draw a global and as complete as possible picture of the telecommunication systems applied to ITS.

You will have the opportunity to listen to international experts in intelligent transportation and telecommunication systems within plenary and special sessions. These sessions will inform you on the major trends in this domain.
You will also have the opportunity to attend scientific presentations intended to forecast the future.

Again, we wish you a warm welcome in the South-East of France and a nice and fruitful conference.

     Ulrich Finger                                                       Stephane Amarger

     General Chair                                                     Steering Committee Chair