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Call for papers

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The 7th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications will be held on June 6th – 8th 2007 on the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur), South-East of France. After Chengdu in China, the conference is returning to France, where the 2005 edition took place in Brest.

The event and its topics are attracting more and more players, academic and industrial, working on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The theme of this year’s event is “ideas, visions, applications and engineering connected to ITS issues”, due to the decreasing gap between fundamental research and industrial implementations. Works accepted for presentations and poster sessions of ITST 2007 will be balanced from the academic, industrial and research community around the world. There will be contributed and invited papers. Technical exhibitions and demonstrations will be held at a dedicated site and technical visits will also be proposed. We have also invited recognized experts from the ITS community as keynote speakers and presenters to enrich the participation.


  • ITS applications/services (active safety, terrestrial, maritime, railway, air, multi-modal, logistics, etc) *
  • IP routing, geo-routing, broadcasting for Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) *
  • In-Vehicle, Inter-Vehicle and Infrastructure to Vehicle Communications *
  •  Multimedia broadcasting technologies (TPEG, DVB, WiMax, etc)
  •  ITS Architecture, Interoperability and Standards
  • Vehicular Radio Transmission Technologies
  • On Board Equipment, Embedded Electronics
  • Policy, Social and Institutional ITS issues
  • Mobile IP and Network Mobility in IPv6
  • Sensing Technologies: Radars, Lidars
  • (Smart) Antennas and Propagation
  • Medium Access Control Schemes
  • Device and Circuit Technologies
  • Software Defined Radio for ITS
  • Multiple Interface Management
  • ITS Sensor Networks
  • Naming/addressing, in particular the IPv6 addressing scheme, to be used for mobiles
  • Risk management for safety services (system dependability, reliability, security)
  • Protocol conformance testing, interoperability testing and quality assessment
  • Testing, verification and diagnosis of ITS components and systems
  • Modeling and simulation of cooperative systems

    * These sessions can be divided into several independent sessions.


  • ITS policies and needs aover the world
  • CALM - C2CCC: key initiatives in Road ITS
  • ITS standardization, regulations, market-trends and globalization
  • Maritime ITS technologies
  • Intelligent Mobility on Railway Transports



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